Friday, January 4, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Our family is preparing for an extended vacation. While we are gone, we will most likely loose one of our missionaries to another area.

It's pretty ridiculous how attached I get to these boys young men. I think there are two reasons why. First, we have them over for dinner every other week. So they're in our home often. We learn a lot about them and grow to really appreciate their friendship. Secondly, they're all just slightly older than my boys. I know that in not too much time, these will be my sons. I also think that having the experience of living in another country has allowed me to better empathize with these young men and understand a little more the true sacrifice that they are offering to the Lord as they serve 2 years away from their lives at home.

So Elder Emmett. He's been here for several months. He transferred into our area shortly after we moved here. We understand that the next transfer will probably be out of this area and then he'll wrap up his mission there and head home to Texas in a few more months.

So we had to take a few photos after dinner. We failed to do that with our Elder Rebber before he left - but I do have a fun photo of him with the boys. These Elders have been a big part of our experience here. They have made the transition easier for all of us.

Here we are with Elder Emmett.

And I got a group shot of all the boys together - just in case they transfer someone else while we're gone. 

We love our missionaries! Even the ones that don't speak english :) Right now, both of our non-english speakers really understand english well. 

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