Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I have been spoiled by the three men in my life this Mother's Day weekend...

Greg got back from his Mongolia/China trip and brought us back a really cool chess set,

and a set of Majhong Tiles.

Greg and I spent Saturday trying to figure out how to play. The directions included were poorly translated so we went to the internet. We quickly found out that there are as many ways to play the game as there are households in China, so we chose one and went with it. 

We then headed for sushi to celebrate.

We taught the kids to play and we have had so much fun figuring it out together. 
A perfect Mother's Day activity!

 For my special Mother's Day meal, the boys grilled burgers and made me a yummy coconut cake. The kids apologized for it not looking very pretty - but I think it's perfect! It tastes like heaven, too!

Greg was so excited about my Mother's Day gifts, that he gave me the pearls last night. A necklace, bracelet, and earrings. He had them change out the clasp to this beautiful silver heart. I love it.

The kids were not having any early gift giving and told Greg as much, "DAD! It's not Mother's Day yet! We have to wait!" He didn't, but they did, so the cashmere scarf from Mongolia, and yummy truffles from France were given today.

The gifts were perfect - but my most favorite part were the personal letters from both of my boys. They were short and sweet but absolutely perfect and just what a mom needed to hear from her teenagers. 

I really do have an amazing family. They spoil me and I love it!

~Thanks guys for the Happiest of Mothers' Days~

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