Monday, July 8, 2013

Delivery Drama

We spent the afternoon shopping for a new washer/dryer, refrigerator, mattress (for Andrew), dishwasher and TV. 

The only MUST have was the washer/dryer. They were ruined in the flood, but with all the unbelievable 4th of July appliance sales, and the ability we had to get the contractor discount with the number of items being purchased, we decided to go ahead and get everything. 

Everything was supposed to be delivered and installed on Friday - except the fridge which is currently on backorder. 

Friday arrives and the only thing delivered was the washer/dryer and mattress. 

Apparently, the TV install guy (who was also going to install our DirectTV) didn't make it in to work that day - can you say "4th of July hangover?". 

So no TV. They wanted to still deliver it, but after 2 rescheduled times of delivery, we told them to just wait until Monday when they would come and install. We were tired of waiting around. 

The new washer/dryer is stacked and looks great - BUT the dryer has a soft thumping sound each time the drum rotates. So they are sending out a repair guy. I'm not happy. I did not pay for a refurbished dryer - I paid for a new one. If they have to fix it before I can even really use it, then I think that they should give me a  fat discount. More to come about that drama.

The other item to actually arrive Friday was the mattress. Friday I spent the day sorting down the kids' rooms, and stuff was strung out all through the hallway - so we just had them leave the mattress/box springs in the hall downstairs. It's easy enough to get a twin bed moved ourselves. 

When we finally went to put them on the new bed frame, we realized that they had given us a normal twin mattress and an XL twin box spring. Annoying. 

We called and they told us they'd bring out one to exchange Monday. 

We found out that the dishwasher is apparently now on backorder as well. So we're waiting for it and the fridge. That isn't such a huge deal. The others work. I just don't want to do any major grocery shopping until after we get the new fridge. As of now, we continue to eat out or make quick fix meals. It's fine. I'm too mentally tired to make real food anyway.

Today (Monday) the TV and the install guys should come between 4:00pm and 8:00pm. Greg will have them install not only the TV on the wall, but his surround sound and outdoor speakers. All of my boys (and their friends) are on pins and needles waiting for that TV. I think a new TV is awesome, but I really want to get my new fridge. Priorities :)

We did get the new closet installed in our Master Bedroom over the weekend. We bought the Ethan Allen system from Lowe's and Greg and I did it ourselves. It was very simple. The hardest part is determining the layout. We are impressed with how sturdy and solid it all seems. 

Today I am washing and hanging clothes. Finally, Greg and I can get out of duffle bags.

Little things that make it seem more like home. Next up is the kitchen - but as you can see, I'm stalling - just a little...

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