Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pomaire - The City of Clay

Laura & Abe Smith invited us for an afternoon in Pomaire. It's about 1 hour from Santiago and the draw is a quaint little street filled with clay shops. It runs for about 2 miles with shops along each side. Authentic food is just part of the allure. These shops are filled with all types of clay creations, wood, wicker, etc. It reminded me of Mexico just a little. The prices were unbelievable. A large painted vase - like 3 feet tall large, was $8 USD. Holy Smokes!

I purchased an adorable little carved manger scene, a candle holder, a salsa bowl and mini salsa bowls, and lots of food :) We had such a great time! We didn't take our kids, because shopping on their day off of school is not their idea of fun - but Greg and I will certainly head back there before we go home in January - Christmas presents galore!

The Smith kids watching a movie on the way down - I miss those days with my kids :) It's fun to get a little baby fix with the Smiths every now and again. There is something about that young energy that is so contagious! 

The 1 Kilo Empanada!

Meat plate for 4!

Greg showing 1/2 of the 1kilo empanada!

We thought 1 kilo was big - until we saw this guy! 

It ended up being a busy day due to the holiday - but we had a blast anyway!


One adorable candle holder

You place the candle inside and cool designs flicker out. I will put this on the patio - love it!

We also found this clay plaque that we will use as a Christmas ornament. Yes it's big - but we have a 12 foot tree, so big works for us.

I also found these adorable little bowls and larger dish for salsa - can't wait for the next taco night!

I had to have one of these amazing tiny little nativity scenes. It sits on an 8inch clay plate - so you can imagine how tiny the details are. Adorable!

It was a great day! Thanks Smiths for showing us the ropes!

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