Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween from Chile! The good ole' US tradition is catching on here. We live in a neighborhood with lots and lots of little kids. I was told the visits,would begin around 5:00 and wrap up by 9:00. It is almost 9:00 and I am about out of candy... The kids love the US candy that I ordered and had shipped from Walmart. My non-spanish-speaking self seems to be the hit of the neighborhood. We are the only house with any decoration, and all we have is a lame mummified frount door made with white crepe paper, with some kind of green celephane paper for eyes. No Target or JoAnns here to get crafting supplies...

Andrew invited about 15 of his closest friends over to hang out. Our little shin-dig runs from 7:00-10:30 which worked out because the other party starts at 10:30... Yikes! About half of these kids came in costume. Everything from a Hipster (Andrew) to bunny ears. These are good kids. I worry that I will never know their names. They are all so hard to understand, more less pronounce. I got Andreas and Ron. That is about it. The thick accents from all over the globe doesn't help me much.  All in all they remind me of his group of friends back home. Good kids. Thank goodness he gravitates to good kids like that. I worried about leaving his 'posse' from AZ, but he's found more good kids to hang with.

They just came to let me know they are going trick-or-treating.. We'll see if that flies. I am not sure how teenagers knocking on doors will be received :)

I hope to hand off a camera and have the kids take some photos of each other for me. It is cooler to hand off the camera than walk around in "mom with a camera" mode. If I can get some pictures, I'll send post them.

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