Monday, November 5, 2012

Galapagos Islands & Ecuador

Andrew's trip is hard to recount. It was an unbelievable time. I am going to attempt to give you a feel for the adventure through is brief emails, tweets and photos:

October 22 (Tweet)
Ohh man my life long dream of going to the galapagos is being fulfilled today!!! #heckyes

October 22 (Tweet) #2
Oh my!! I'm on the plane to the galapagos!! #dreamcometrue

October 22 (Tweet) #3
It's so hot in Ecuador D: but so cool!!!

October 23 (email)
We're in Quayaquil currently inside Ecuador!!! It's currently 6:45 Ecuador time (two hours behind Santiago) and were are about to go out and eat breakfast. It's crazy humid here. It's early and feels like 80 with 110% humidity :(.  Looks like shorts for me! Flight was fun! We head to the island at 10 and it's looking to be a 2.5 hour flight!!! Fun fun!!! 
PS: they serve little ketchup packets with there potatochips. Wat. Also- I got twitter, if u have wifi we can try to keep in touch thru there

October 26 (Tweet)
The galapagos are seriously amazing. Beyond amazing. #millionpictures

October 26 (email)
I'm using my iPod, free wifi everywhere lol. The islands are beyond fantastic. The camping was great, it was in the middle of the island so it was like a jungle! That's was in Santa Cruz.", and from there to isabella, the big island, is a two and a half hour boat trip. It's was terrible, I gladly didn't get sick, but I was close to it was that bad. Crap I have to go, gunna go get ceviche for lunch:) I can't wait to show u the pics I took!!!

October 26 (Tweet) #2
Suchh a chill night... Nothing like roaming the streets of the Galapagos with the friendliest people. 

October 26 (email) #2
Okay. Omg. Seaturtles, sharks, and seals. Everywhere!!! And we swam with them!!! I can wait to show u the pictures, they are crazy amazing!!!! Plus, I have an amazing farmers tan;)

Now for some pictures. If only I could show you some of his video of snorkeling. There was a sea lion that played with the kids. 

One of the many hotels. 

Inside the airport on the island. 

They camped one night while doing service for the reserve. Part 1 of the service was helping to eradicate blueberries. They are an invasive species.

Part two was to locate and document these massive tortoises. This guy hung out by their campsite.

Andrew said it was hard to tell by the angle of the picture, but that tortoise's shell was even with his shoulders when he was squatting down for this photo.


These little red crabs were all over the shoreline.

The food was delish! Fish, pasta, fried plantains, and rice with raisins... yum!

Most of the kids got sick after this boat ride. It was blazing hot inside with no breeze and the waters were really rough. They all went back to the hotel for a few hours to rest before heading out.

Andrew really enjoyed the guide (pictured without a hat to his left). They listened to the same music and had lots in common. 

Apparently this sea lion stirred just after this photo was taken and scared Andrew. He screamed like a girl and gave everyone a good laugh.

They spent lots of time on the beach. After talking to a coconut vendor, they learned that they could just climb a tree near the beach and get their own coconut. So they did. Then asked to borrow a vendor's knife to open it. 
Andrew was impressed with how "chill" everyone on the island was. 

Part of the island is volcanic. 


Stacks of lizards.

AHHH! Sharks! White tipped sharks. 

Andrew with the lizard behind him.

A trip to the nature preserve:

He had an amazing adventure. He heads back to Ecuador on Wednesday for a soccer tournament. Lucky kid!

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