Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Preparing for SAAC

Andrew headed off to Quito, Ecuador last night at 11pm. We met at the school, the two teams headed to the airport for a 3am flight to Panama. Yes, Panama is further than Quito from here, but that was their flight. After a 5 hour layover in Panama, they headed to Quito. 

They have today to recover. They are staying in host families' homes, so they will go directly from the airport to the mall. They probably needed somewhere for the kids to go until it was time for the families to pick kids up from the school there. Hopefully, they will have the night to rest because they have to be up early for tournament games for the next 3 days. 

The excitement started on Monday. When the "new" SAAC tournament players to the soccer team were initiated: 

Cute huh?

Once school let out, they gave the clippers to the boys and let them finish it up... 

The teams had a fun send off during the Pep Rally on Tuesday
(notice all the bald heads? half the team is new)

Then there is nothing like a nap after school to get you pumped up for the long journey ahead. 
Poor kid was just plain tuckered out and they haven't even started yet. They are all just coming off of their Week Without Walls trips. That, combined with the altitude? I worry that they may struggle to compete up there. Crossing my fingers! I hate that I can't be there to see them play! It's killing me!


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