Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Day full of Surprises!

*And pleasant surprises for once!*

Yesterday, I kicked off my day with the usual, wake up, pry the kids out of bed, make them breakfast, teach seminary, drive kids to school... The normal routine. 

I had been invited by a friend of mine to go to a Christmas Bazaar. After getting back from dropping kids and thinking about having to shower, I could barely keep my eyes open. I was just so dang tired. I briefly hesitated, questioning if I really wanted to go... Luckily, I knew my ride would be there in an hour, so I got moving. I am so grateful that I did! 

I had an amazing morning. It was fun to see all the different creations from people all over the globe. I believe this was an international group that sponsored the event and the variety of people and their creations was fun to see. There was Christmas music and chatter in all different accents. I loved every single thing about it. Plus I found some adorable things that I couldn't live without. Bonus!

Afterwards, I headed up to the school for the Swim SAAC rally and was impressed with the continued improvement of student involvement. We're working desperately to teach these kids what a "Rally" should look like. They are slowly getting the hang of things. 

Between the rally and after-school pick-up, I ran by the grocery to grab a few more Thanksgiving Day ingredients. Guess what surprise waited for me there?

REAL chocolate chips! They NEVER sell them here. They have chocolate chips, but they are in a small little bag - like what you'd buy gummy worms in - only smaller! AND they're not the same chocolate. In fact, not so good chocolate. So this was a HUGE treat! At $6.25USD per bag - I grabbed 6... Yep. I just spent $40 on chocolate chips and only came away with enough to make cookies 6 times, but it was totally worth it! I also found something that resembles BROWN SUGAR! Woo Hoo! I see cookies in our future :)

I was thinking that the day couldn't get any better when I unexpectedly got call from my sister and was able to Facetime with my favorite little baby boy! 

My newest little nephew Colton was with his Aunt Shellie and I got to goo and coo at him. I saw my sweet little niece Katie-bug's braided hair and watched her dance around the room. I visited with my mom who just the day before had knee replacement surgery and not only hear how she is doing, but actually SEE how she was doing. 

Tomorrow I get to Skype my family in Utah during their Thanksgiving gathering and goo and coo at my sweet, little, just barely turned 1 year old niece and my amazing teenage nephews (I promise not to goo and coo at them). My other adorable little niece is in college (maybe it's time to stop calling her little) and I can find out all about how things are going for her. I'll get to not only talk to - but actually SEE the whole gang! Even grandpa! 

It is such a blessing to have this technology in my life. I would be completely lost without my ability to connect with my family this way. 


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