Friday, November 16, 2012

Feeling Normal Again

I feel normal. Like my normal usual - at home in the states - self.

On Wednesday, I canceled my Spanish class (just couldn't emotionally take it- sometimes it's just too much). I met some friends at a burger joint to celebrate Keri's birthday. The waitress spoke to me in ENGLISH! I ordered chicken nuggets.

I had 1 hour to kill before going to pick up my kids so I stopped off at the big Lider. It's basically Walmart. I think it's owned by Walmart and it carries a lot of the same types of things. Who knew how amazingly awesome Walmart brand stuff is. Things I would never buy at home; Great Value canned chips for example, are like a little treat from heaven here. JUST LIKE PRINGLES - no, no they are not, but it's pretty dang close. They have home goods, groceries, electronics, cleaning products, clothes - a little bit of everything. Just like a Walmart home.

So I wandered the aisles. I bought a cute pair of flip-flops that are blue with white polka dots, a melon colored top, and a beautiful summer scarf (which Greg thinks is an oxymoron). I found small little round pastas that resemble acene de pepe from home. I use this pasta for our family's favorite Thanksgiving treat: Frog Eye Salad. I was thrilled! I also found a gigantic plastic bowl in the cleaning section and scooped it right up. I need a huge bowl for things all the time, like Frog Eye.

I purchased a stack of those plastic outdoor plates to use in place of paper. Paper plates are killer expensive here. You have to buy them in the party section in packages of like 6 or 8 for a mil ($2USD).  This is a better option. I just don't like taking my glass plates on the patio, and we eat outside almost every night. Yeah spring!

We had the missionaries over for dinner on Tuesday and one of them (who is from Texas) has this horrible burn on his leg. I think it's almost like a patch of minor frostbite. He got it after trekking around in the snow. He's seen a doctor and all is good, but literally the entire back of his calf is one massive scab. He asked if I had any Vaseline he could borrow that night as the doctor told him to keep it coated in Vaseline but he didn't have any. I did have any either. So while at Walmart, I searched and searched until I found a jar in the baby section. I gave him a call and met up with him to deliver it. I gave him the "mom lecture" about keeping it clean and coated, watch for signs of infection... the whole gamut.

Yesterday, I went to see Twilight with some girlfriends. A few of us went for sushi after.

JUST NORMAL THINGS> Regular, every day things. Things I haven't been able to do for so long. Things I took for granted before I came here.

At home, if I want to go to Walmart - I go to Walmart. I don't have to second guess my ability to communicate appropriately with the cashier. If I want to see a movie - I see a movie. I don't have to stop and think, "self, you can't see a movie because: a. it might not be in english, b. you can't tell the cashier what movie you want to see, and c. you don't know the word for 'popcorn' and what is a movie without popcorn? Don't forget the fact that you can't read what movie is playing or when the movie even starts."

I just went to Walmart Lider. I bought myself some little crap that I just WANTED - not needed. I was able to help a friend, have lunch, watch a movie. NORMAL EVERYDAY THINGS!

Granted, I couldn't have done the movie without the help of my spanish-speaking girls and really I only fake my way through checking out and ordering lunch, because I have no clue what they're saying - but whatever. I'm really good at interpreting hand gestures and putting clues together to figure out what they want. I'm a freaking detective. As I always say: Fake it 'till you make it! :)

TWILIGHT! With Melissa, Keri, & Laura- gotta love the Spanish poster!
Yes, I got a picture with me in it - but you all know what I look like (besides, I do not look very good in that one) so better to post a photo of my Twi-girls! 

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  1. Your a freakin' detective! Made me laugh out loud. So glad you are having better days!