Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Halloween~

Better late than never. Here are some highlights from our Halloween Party.

We were the only house with any Halloween decorations and all we had was this lame little mummy door. The little kids loved it though. Greg was waiting at the door with pizzas when one group was there and he told me that they were talking about the eyes and how scary it was. :) 

Andrew's friends hanging out

Andrew's Chilean Posse: 

"Mo" short for Mohammad came as a terrorist. HAHAHA! Cracks me up! He's the Israeli Ambassador's son.

Rick the only brother in a set of triplets. I believe they are from Sweden.

Esa. I can't remember where she's from, but her dad is here as a big-wig at BMW.

Sky. This is one of the biggest kids I've met in a long time. Tall - Tall. I believe he's from somewhere in the US. 

Again, I am thrilled Andrew has found such good friends here. I gave the kids the camera, so not a ton of pictures - and several of the kids didn't get their photos included in our little Halloween Documentary, but they had a good time. Trick-or-Treated and got a purse full of hard Chilean candy. :) Love these kids!

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