Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Seminary Oil Lamps

As much as I HATE mornings, I LOVE teaching these kids. They are amazing - and I can only hope they learn as much from me as I do from them. 

A few weeks ago, I happened upon some fresh, air-dry clay. So we took a day to make some oil lamps as we have been studying the New Testament. It was fun to see the variety of "lamps" that these artistic kids came up with. We also had doughnuts and Rootbeer as a reward for completing 14 straight days of scripture reading. Yes, rootbeer for breakfast - it is an extra-special treat because it's not readily available here in Chile. We had a 2 liter donated by a student in the class to help with 'motivation'!

We let them dry and then Alex decided to give his a try. We filled it with Olive Oil and twisted up a piece of paper towel for a wick. We found out that we needed to let the wick soak for a while to let the oil work it's way through the fibers.

Once lit, it burned for a really long time! It was awesome!

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