Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thankful for many things during this season of gratitude. Thankful for friends and family and friends that feel like family. Grateful for new experiences and the growth that has come because of them. Grateful for blessings of peace, protection, and patience.

I'm grateful for things that remind me of home. Like special family favorite Thanksgiving treats. Lots of the regular ingredients are not available here. So our family's favorites, like Cheesy Potatoes (aka Funeral Potatoes) and Frog Eye Salad had to be improvised.

Hashbrowns are not available here, and potatoes are about $12USD a bag - and all that grating.... So I bought thin cut french fries and chopped them into little cubes, similar to hash browns.

I then added all the other ingredients - so far so good.

Out of the oven they looked perfect and tasted just like the real thing from home! Granted it cost about $25USD a pan to make (I made 2) but worth it for that special holiday treat!

Greg even helped out - he didn't want me to show his picture, because men sit around and watch football, not help with food prep! As much as he's like to be all "Man Power!" he's a sucker for a girl who asks for help. I love that about him!

We enjoyed the evening with lots of friends.

This last picture is all of us (left to right):
Melissa, Julie, Keri, Me, Kristi, Laura S, Laura H, Liz

I love my gringa girls!

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