Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You'll Never Believe...

So we broke down and ordered some things from the states. We had to. Couldn't find what we needed here. Clothes, shoes, etc.

It cost about $55 to send it through customs, and $20 shipping (USD). Then it sat in customs for days with the notice "delayed at customs" posted on the tracking site. Finally, we get the note that they needed additional information from us. Greg called, gave them his RUT and they approved the shipment.

It arrived at his office on Thursday afternoon. We thought having it sent to his office was the safest bet. There are always guards on duty to sign for it - and it wouldn't have to sit on my front porch unattended tempting someone to steal it. Only Greg was out of the office Thursday and Friday.

Apparently on Thursday night there were some protests - turned riots, near his office. This happens all the time. Only this time, a group of rioters assaulted the guards and broke into the offices. The guards were in pretty bad shape and lots of things ransacked. Safes broken into (they didn't have anything in them) and computer equipment stolen.

I tell this story, because you see, MY package had only just arrived to the office. Would it still be there?  Would I loose $300 worth of stuff? We wouldn't know until Greg got into the office today.

Much to my relief, there it sat, in his office, untouched. It didn't appear that they went into his office at all.

He'll bring home the box today. Now crossing my fingers everything fits! Shopping online isn't my forte.

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