Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pucon: Day 4

PUCON: DAY 4 Zip Lining

It was COOOOOLD and POURING RAIN on Wednesday afternoon as the boys prepared for their zip lining adventure. The were grateful that mom bought those $300 waterproof jackets (I got a smokin' deal on them at the outlets in Anthem, AZ). They layered up and added snow pants on top. Now they were ready to face the elements at 20mph on a wire extended in the treetops. 

They had an amazing time. 
Apparently the rain makes it even faster. The boys commented on how they had to turn their faces to the side otherwise the rain would hit them in the face so much that they couldn't see. Part of the draw was to see the river and beauty of the forest - it was a blast :)
What a fun adventure!

We rounded out our day by heading to an Argentinean restaurant for dinner where they grilled the meat outside. The smell was to die for. 

We ordered the special sampler platter for 4 and ended up with enough food for 2 meals. 

Here the boys are devouring the fired, four-cheese appetizer.

Now for that pile 'o meat

Holy Cow! 
The black sausage thing on top is Blood Sausage. I've never tried it - but you know the boys (specifically Andrew) convinced me to.

Bottoms up! The verdict: It wasn't really so bad, but I can't get over the fact that it is coagulated blood. Gross. Once was enough for me. 
Everything else was divine. The pork - yum! Lomo - delish! Ribs - hello! I didn't really try the kabobs - the kids devoured them. But I of course loved the choripan. 

Such a fun day! I didn't go zip lining. Too cold and my fear of heights kept me on the ground. I miss out on all the fun... But I read book 2 that day - so not so bad :)

*And please forgive the hair in all of the photos from this trip. It WAS raining folks! Naturally curly hair REALLY frizzes up in the rain...

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