Monday, September 3, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

I promised to share it all...

Luckily, this weekend it was "The Funny".

We had lunch Sunday at a friends' home. They live in an apartment complex. Every parking spot in that place was marked with a number. We didn't know where to park. So we found a spot (same place we parked the last time we were at this complex) and parked. We asked the family (Henry Clark) if where we parked would be OK. The response; "It's Chile. Park where you want." We didn't think a thing about it. Until it was time to leave, and we walked out to our car.

Me: "Wait. Is that a boot on your tire?"

The kids: "Uh, Dad. What is on your tire?"

Greg: "Awesome"

The note basically says that we've parked bad and need to see the parking attendant. 
Again: Awesome...

Apparently, there is visitor parking, we just need to speak to the attendant when we come in. The guy was nice, took the boot off and we were on our way. 

In Chile - there is always something. :)

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