Saturday, September 8, 2012

Robbed! (almost)

I received an email from an Embassy family about how the crime in our neighborhood of Lo Barnechea has increased 300% in the past couple of weeks and that there are 10 reported incidents a day of purse/wallet snatchings at the new mall. Details were given about the embassy family that was robbed and the husband beaten with a baseball bat (I shared that story earlier).

Not even 5 minutes later I get a call from Greg:

He stopped at Pizza Hut on his way home from work. We're all tired after a long week and needed a little bit of time to veg. Pizza and Napoleon Dynamite was just what the doctor ordered.

As he pulled into the parking lot, there were several open spots. However, when he pulled in, another car, with three guys, pulled into the spot directly beside him. He was immediately suspicious. The other guy opened his door and started to get out. Greg remained in his car. He got the GPS down, put it in his pocket, etc - stalling. When Greg didn't get out, the other guy got back in his car.

A group of people started walking by, so Greg quickly got out of the car (and so did the other guy) and put the group of people between him and this jerk. He really thought the guy was going to mug him.

Greg gets in line at Pizza Hut and his stalker goes right up to the counter and asks for a menu. Greg is watching him closely and keeping an eye on his car.

Eventually, the guy leaves. Greg is still watching his car. As he gets to the counter and starts to order, he sees is the front passenger door of his truck open. He bolts out there. The guys are spooked and jump back in their car and start to take off. They then STARE HIM DOWN as they pull away. Greg said they looked at him like he had offended them. Like they were appalled that he would have the audacity to stop them...

His computer bag was in the back seat of the truck on the driver's side and had been pulled to the passenger side, still in the back seat. They didn't get anything as far as he can tell. There is a little damage to the area around the lock of the door - but nothing too noticeable.

The lesson here: Follow those little promptings. When something doesn't "feel right" get the heck outta there. We pray for safety everyday and know without a doubt that he was blessed with that safety last night. We are so grateful for that. This story could have been so much worse...

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