Monday, June 3, 2013

Gearing up for Prom

First, I can't believe that I have a child that is old enough for prom. Not exactly sure when that happened. But I can tell you that I am so very super excited for him to have this experience.

Things are a little more low-key here at Nido. The kids dress up, but not quite as fancy. I've asked around. Apparently, dress slacks, white shirt and tie are great for the guys. I asked about flowers, and apparently Chileans haven't even heard of corsages. I could easily make one, but if the girls aren't wearing them, then his date won't want one either. 2 less things I have to worry about.

So to make it fun, Andrew and I researched a few ideas on how to ask her. We ended up coming up with our own little method.

He found out her class schedule for today and will give each of her teachers roses to give to her at the start of each class. Each bouquet will have a note attached that has a little clue.

We bought a dozen roses (6 rose/pink and 6 cream/white) greenery, and baby's breath. I bought the flowers Saturday evening and have stored them in water in our laundry room. It's pretty cool in there - almost as cold as a fridge. I needed them to last until Monday!

Last night I put together 5 flower bouquets. 

I created 4 small bouquets with 2 roses each and one larger with the remaining 4 roses. I couldn't wrap them up yet, because I needed to keep them in water. So this morning, before seminary, I had to put them all together. 

I wrapped the stems with wet paper towels, stuck that into a clear bag, then wrapped each boquet in white paper then an adorable green/white polka dot tissue. Tied them with a green ribbon and attached the little notes Andrew had prepared. 

She'll get one small bouquet from each teacher today and the larger one will be hand delivered by Andrew at the end of the school day. ADORABLE!

The notes read something like this:

1: I think you're beautiful
2: and your personality is really great
3: I can't wait for Prom
4: where you will be my date.

Seriously. I can not believe that I didn't get a photo of the flowers this morning.

So I've asked Andrew to keep me posted. 

1st Report:
I got the update before school that all flowers were delivered to all of her teachers. He left his final bouquet in his last class - math. So he wouldn't have to carry it around all day. 

Apparently, one of her friends saw him delivering it to one of her teachers. So she knows. He told her to keep it quiet. Hopefully nobody ruins the surprise. I told him to deny-deny-deny until the end of the day :)

2nd Report: 
1st bouquet of flowers delivered. He actually has the same class as her first period - choir - so he said he went to the bathroom so that he wouldn't have to be there when they were handed to her. He said he'd have given it away by his reaction. So fun!

3rd Report:
It's lunchtime and she still doesn't know! Only 1 class to go!

Final Report:
He waited outside of her math class as the bell rang. He was hidden from view because of lockers, so when she walked the other direction, he went behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around he said, "It would be my honor to take you to prom" and gave her the final bouquet.

Paula said YES!

It's no surprise that the whole school is abuzz with the gesture. According to her math teacher, the entire staff at Nido were all waiting to see what the answer was. She said that this is the single nicest thing anyone has ever done for her.

I love how excited everyone is. Prom is exciting! They chatted a bit about plans and it looks as though he'll be helping her before hand with some decorating at the venue. What a fun night it will be.

More to come as plans continue to unfold...

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