Friday, June 28, 2013

Really? A Dremel?

Went to get a mani/pedi and was reminded about another little peculiar thing here in Chile. They use a Dremel on your feet. Yep. One of these:

No, it's not a Dremel brand speciality tool designed for your feet. It's an actual Dremel. The kind you use for Pinewood Derby cars. As you can see pictured above, there are several "bits" to choose from.

My first experience with this torture machine was in October when I went to a German hair salon to get my hair cut/colored and innocently decided to get my nails done while I waited...

That German lady used the bit labeled as "C" above. It was HORRIFIC! It hurt! It felt like - like - like someone was freakin' using a DREMEL ON MY FOOT! 

Since then, I've gone to this little shop down the street from my house. They don't use a Dremel. I thought maybe it was just a crazy German thing. 


Went to new place last week and they used a Dremel too! This was much less painful however, because she used the "H" bit and kept my foot damp. Whenever it started to feel like my foot was about to catch on fire, she'd spray it down with water and go again. 

From the sounds of things, you'd think I have Flinstone like calluses on my feet. Let me assure you - I do not. Apparently, this is completely common. Everyone gets "Dremeled". 

Really? Yikes!

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