Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Preparing to go...

It's a crazy thing...leaving...

I think I am still in total denial. I am saying goodbye to friends as they head to the US for winter vacations while school breaks for a few weeks without really realizing that it is GOOD-BYE, good-bye. I can't imagine not having these people a part of my life.

I think I really don't believe it's good-bye, good-bye. I know that we'll stay in touch. We all live on the same side of the country. We're too close not to keep tabs on each other.

I'm pushing for a girls cruise in a couple of years when we're all back and settled. What a blast that would be! :-) A gringa cruise to Mexico - because you know, we are all so fluent in spanish...

High School finals finished up today. So that officially marks the end of our school year here. We have to go back on Wednesday to pick up the $50 yearbooks that weren't ready yet (so no friends signatures), but the real business of school has finally wrapped up. That is a huge weight off of our kids - so a huge weight off of me.

There have been a few going away parties to celebrate friends moving on. Some of my hermanas here in Chile:


Laura, Kristy, Elizabeth, Raquel, (friend), Gaby, me, Julie, Melissa


The wives of ME Elecmetal Grinding Media

More pictures to come...

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