Thursday, June 27, 2013

Valle Nevado - One Last Time!

After a rainy weekend, Greg took a day off during his crazy wrapping things up before we go back to the states schedule, to take the boys up to Valle Nevado.

Andrew's friend Rick came along. Rickard is from Sweden, so he's right at home in the snow!

They said the day was perfect. Sunny and just below freezing. Untouched powder everywhere and vacant hills. It was a great last hoo-ra!


Rick & Andrew


Rick and Andrew

Alex coming down

Lunch time

Rick, Andrew, & Alex



Andrew, Greg, & Alex

Andrew, Alex and some friends coming down


Friends catching some air

Andrew kickin' up some powder

Greg is always saying snowboarders spend most of their day on their bums

There's my main squeeze!

Each person came home with injuries. 

Greg rolled and slid down this really steep hill losing his skis and poles along the way. 
He's bruised and cut. 

Alex fell on his tailbone and Andrew took a couple good tumbles. 

Even with all the injuries, they had an amazing day! 

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