Monday, June 25, 2012

A positive spin

So after showering, I feel lots better. I have much to be grateful for:

Being able to find the freshest ingredients to make Olivia Parry's delicious salsa (making us feel right at home):

Getting the oven to work long enough to make a batch of brownies (from a Duncan Hines mix):

The sweet man who gave me a free passion fruit at the farmer's market. I'd never had one. It was SO sour! I loved trying something new:

The fact that the kids have their own space to play video games all day long with friends & family online. It makes us feel closer and connected:

Being able to find things that really make us laugh. Like these "donuts" that we bought only to find out that they are crunchy cookies:

Discovering things we will absolutely miss when we leave here. Like these coconut cookies:

Yes, I may be feeding my feelings - but hey - the numbers on the scales are much lower in kilograms :)

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