Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The traffic here is atrocious. Absolutely horrific. I have no idea how or why anyone would run, ride a bicycle or motorcycle any where near the roads around here, but they do, and they do it often. Really, we should all be in tanks. That is the only way to guarantee your safety.

For example; there is a stop light near our home that is 3 lanes and 1 turn lane. When you get to the other side of that stop light, like across the intersection, it's only 2 lanes. So at the light you have 3 lanes of crazy people vying for a spot in those 2 lanes. That doesn't even count the people who sat in the "turning lane" only to dart in front of you at the last second because he was actually going straight but didn't want to wait behind everyone. Holy nightmare!

Motorcycles have an advantage in that they zoom between cars in-between the lanes (idiots). Lots of delivery people drive motorcycles, like this Dominos' guy:

It cracks us up when we see U.S. restaurants here. We have TGIFridays, McDonalds, Papa Johns, Domino's (apparently), Johnny Rockets, etc. We've yet to try one to see how it compares. I'll get back to you on that.

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