Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things to Remember

What do you notice about our front door? This is a photo from the outside looking at our house:

No, not the bars on the window (or the dog peaking through the crack) - look closer:

Do you see it? Or rather - not see it? There is NO Doorknob. Yes, there is a pull handle, but no doorknob. You might be thinking, "so what?". Well there is a lot of so in that what...

In order to open the front door, you must have 2 separate keys. The only way to get in is to unlock the top lock, and then while turning the bottom key in the lock, it will trigger the little latch thing to open. This is how you get into the house.

No big right - Well, not usually.

Take a look at this:

Look even closer:

See the little key in the door? The one with the pink ribbon?

It is VITAL to know that when there is a key in this hole - you can not, under any circumstances open the front door. Key or no key.

It's advisable NOT TO SHUT THE DOOR when you go out front to take trash to the can. EVEN IF IT'S COLD and POURING RAIN and you THINK you might want to shut that door to preserve the warmth inside ---- DON'T. Even if you take a key... because you might have inadvertently left a key in the hole on the other side and if you've done that - you can't get in, no matter how hard you try. You just thank your lucky stars that someone is home and can let you in.

Don't ask me how I know that...


  1. Ahh, keys...

    Glad someone was inside to let [someone] in...

    The Olmsteads are enjoying your blogging. Thanks for sharing the adventure.

    Kent (& Kris & Kids)

  2. I expected to hear about a lot of the differences between there and here that you have mentioned, but this?! You'd think lock and key door opening technology would be pretty universal. But then I guess maybe I need to go back to thinking school... Love every single one of your blog posts!!

    Miss you tons!