Monday, March 18, 2013

Extra work.

Why are things harder here? Everything you do takes extra work. Case in point:

We get a letter "in the mail" (which means thrown near our front door) from the city. I have to go online, type the whole thing into google translate, and then try to decipher what it means. Apparently, they are replacing trash bins...

I want to make waffles for dinner. I have to unplug the transformer from the video game systems upstairs (amid - "argh... I am in the middle of playing. Let me finish this battle") then drag down this 400lb beast to the kitchen. OK so it's not 400lbs - and I have my kids bring it to me. The point is; I can't just plug in the waffle maker. Everything is always a process.

The pool guys are here. I have to be here to let them in the side gate. They come between 10am and 4pm on Mondays. So I have to sit around and wait. Not that I have any major plans, but I have to plan my shower, workout, (and my nap) around them coming. Yes. I like to take a nap - especially on Mondays. Seminary is early people.

I want to make a cake, but have to read the box. Google translate - or hubby - have to help. "Just buy one" you say? Yeah. You have to read the label on the store-bought cake too!

Whatever. I get things done. It just takes longer. I spend my whole day doing all kinds of things but end up with nothing really done. Does that even make sense to anyone living inside the US? Probably moms of little kids. Moms of little kids understand...


  1. I feel ya sista! My stack of just folded clothes was seen as a pile of leaves to up into by a 2 year old in my house. ARGH!

  2. Well I understand, of course. This is how I justify having household help here -- it kind of balances out the other stuff. I know it wasn't practical for you guys to hire a nana, but it would have helped you love living here :) I seriously still can't believe you're going to leave us. Can't even stand it -- we didn't have nearly enough time with you.