Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Go White Girl, Go White Girl, Go!

We arrived back to Chile following our vacation literally fat and happy :) I had collected more that just souvenirs during our journeys. I don't think I gained so much on the cruise surprisingly (we did soo much walking) - but AFTER the cruise when we were in the US and thrilled to have yummy fast food again. We ate out for every meal that week we were in Phoenix, then ordered food for the family gatherings in Utah. My mom tried feeding us healthy food -but my kids kept wanting to eat out. Panda Express, Chick-fil-a, IN-and-OUT Burger, YogurtLand, Krispy Kreme, you name it - we ate it.

Luckily, upon our arrival, we found out that not one - but two new women at church had moved into our area from the US and both were Zumba instructors. Then I find out that they are offering free classes at our church building for anyone who is interested. Hell-o! I am interested!

After our first class, I was hooked. The Saturday class is a double. 8am and 9am. One regular Zumba the other Zumba Toning. Perfect! Within 2 weeks, I was down the weight I had gained on vacation.

I LOVE this style of exercise. I danced a lot in high school for cheerleading competitions, and went to college on a Dance Team Scholarship - I love to dance. So this is an ideal workout. I am having a blast.

BUT, here is the thing: I have never felt like such a white girl in my entire life and I even danced with some die hard booty-shakin' black girls in college. Even the older women get out there and shake it like nobody's business. Shakin' it is in their blood... I can shake it - but NOT like that! Holy Smokes! It's like Carnival up in here!

It doesn't stop me. I still love it. I just get out there and shake it like a gringa -

I should note that these two new US ladies, are actually from Brazil and Uruguay. So when they are up there teaching - it is a blast! Viva Zumba en Chile!

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