Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013 - Part 3: Port Days (before)

We mentally divide our trip into sections. Before Israel, Israel, and after Israel. Can you tell that Israel was THE highlight? Don't get me wrong. We loved every minute - but Israel was unbelievable.

So here is the "before" part of our trip:

We started in Alanya, Turkey. It was a quaint little seaside town. We did some shopping and Greg and Alex voyaged up and toured a castle that was right next to the port. Some great souvenirs from this area!
Our first views of the city of Alanya.

This adorable man sold us the most beautiful things! He was thrilled to have us. I think between Melissa and I we easily spent over $300 in about 15 minutes... But it was worth it! GREAT DEALS! 

See my amazing new blanket? Hand sewn and stunning in real life! I also ended up with a table runner, some pillow shams (more than I need probably) a shawl and a beautiful Turkish platter. 

We kick ourselves now for not buying these hats. They were perfect for Greg and Alex!

Alex checking out the castle.

A great view of the ship from the top!

We enjoyed a beautifully lit up city as we pulled out of port that evening. 

Day two was Cyprus. It was freezing and there wasn't much to see right outside of the port, so we decided to disembark, just to say we stepped foot in Cyprus, and then get back on the ship. We were preparing for the next day - our long journey around Israel. We decided to save our energy and money and just be-bopped around just outside the ship. Man, was it cold!

This was also the day that we got the call that our house in Arizona had flooded. It was good to just have another 'easy' day after that news!

We weren't the only ships docked there. The men on this ship were watching us very closely. I'm not sure they were too thrilled to have us taking pictures of their vessel. 

We headed back to the ship after about 15-20 minutes of walking around the dock. It was so freezing cold and the wind was cutting right through us. We were glad we hadn't invested in an excursion into the city. We would have been miserable.

We were crossing our fingers that the next day wouldn't be so cold. Israel, here we come!

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