Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013: Part 6 - Rome with the Caudles

We disembarked the Norwegian Jade one final time, loaded up in the rental van and headed the 1 hour to our apartment just 2 blocks away from the Colosseum. We would all crash together in this apartment the first night, and then the Caudle clan would head off to other areas of Rome for their final days of vacation, and the Schicks would remain in Rome and see the sights there.

We spent that first day together touring the Colosseum. It was so dang cold! Winter in Rome is freezing and wet - but we wouldn't let that stop us.

Rainy days and curly hair are not the best of friends, so yes, I'm in pigtails. 

Alex laying on an ancient column - trying to stay warm in the sun. The kids may have been getting a little tired.

You know that point when you are past tired and have moved on to silliness? The kids were there.

The grown ups headed out for pizza that night and the kids were content to have us bring them something back. They just wanted to chill in the apartment. They may have been a little beat. 

It was a great trip together. We couldn't ask for better traveling companions. We are already making plans for the next Caudle/Schick vacation! 

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