Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning! Looks like Santa found us in Chile after all. 

Scooter sniffing around for his loot.

A beautiful Christmas Morning.

The kids hanging out playing video games, waiting for the OK to come down.

Alex comes down - like normal but...

Andrew snuck around through the kitchen. Weirdo. 

They're about the same height this Christmas!

Scooter's new ball

Alex made a special surprise for Andrew this Christmas.

A Deadmau head in 3-D printing club.

Dad surprised mom with 2 lapiz lazulli braclets. He told me that I could keep one, but the other one was for my mom. At least I get first dibs!

Lego & Minecraft: A match made is Schick boy heaven!

At one point, Greg was still opening gifts and Andrew was just waiting...
Mom: "Hey Andrew. Do you notice that your dad is still opening gifts, and you're not?"
Andrew: "Yeah - but mine's the biggest box there!" 
I love that kid! 

The BIG one!

That "NO WAY!" moment is what I'm shooting for. 
I love it when the kids are THRILLED at what they've gotten for Chrstimas. 

Andrew told me that I am the world's greatest liar. 
"Every year you guys lie to me and I believe you. I thought I was getting this but you convinced me that I wasn't. Same thing last year!" 
Thank you. Thank you very much. 

He was ecstatic about his DJ Pro Mixing Board.

Alex saving the world on his new XBox with dad.

It was a great Christmas! 

Merry Christmas from Chile!

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