Wednesday, December 5, 2012

United Nations

This handsome man served as the United Provinces of South American (basically Argentina) UN representative yesterday in his history class. He's been researching for weeks about his country, their political views, and the views/experiences of the person that served as the UN Rep during this specific timeframe. During the session, he would need to represent his position in an educated way - just as that person would have. He will be graded on his knowledge, his ability to represent the country's political stance in an accurate way, to recall facts and figures, and his assertiveness in the discussions. What a great way to experience learning!

On a completely unrelated note:

I've been under the weather for the past few days. I'll spare you the disgusting details. Greg's been swamped with work and running meetings/conferences/dinners/presentations/emails/conference calls - you name it - he's doing it. These past few weeks, work has just consumed his life. He's ready for a vacation!

So the kids have been left to their own devices. Granted, they're 15 (in 6 days) and 16, and completely capable. I am turning a corner and starting to feel better. Today as I sat down at the computer - I found these little post-its stuck to the screen.

It is important to note that my kids constantly make fun of my list making. I'm somewhat compulsive. My brain just doesn't work and I forget things - so I make lists. This particular "list" is just a little note reminding me to order a couple of gifts for nephews. Alex adds, "Buy Alex more presents", only he misspells presents (on purpose-to be silly) and so Andrew adds "*spell check" with an arrow to his note. Then decides to add his own little comment on a separate post-it "I need about Tree Fiddy" (which translates to Three-fifty in non-silly terms). 


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