Monday, December 24, 2012

It's Christmas Time!

Saturday, we took the family to the huge mall downtown that is connected to the largest building in South America. That building is still under construction, but the mall is up and running. It is 5 floors and has every store you could imagine. The top floor is dedicated to food. It is one gigantic food court. It even has a Taco Bell!!!! A HUGE deal for us gringos!

 We needed to get Andrew some new tennis shoes and thought the kids would enjoy the Christmas surprise of Taco Bell :) I am sure the place was crowded, but the shear size allows it to be packed and you don't really feel it. 

Think it was time for a new pair??? A soccer mishap resulting in an injured right big toe, ruined the first pair. 

The new pair are nice and shiny! 

My favorite thing at the mall were the little trios of elves they had walking throughout the mall playing Christmas music. It was amazing! A little drummer, a trumpet, flute, and even a group with a saxophone. He was like the "Sexy -Elf- Sax Man" It was awesome!

Today, Christmas Eve, I went the the grocery store. That was an adventure in and of itself. The stores in the US are packed on Christmas Eve - but they've got nothing on the stores here. HOLY SMOKES! I found a short line - behind only 5 other people. It only took me 35 minutes to get to the register. 

Hahahaha! It made me laugh. I love the idea of all these people getting things together so that they can spend time with their friends and family on Christmas. It makes it worth the wait. 

I came home and whipped up a batch of spiced Cranberry/Apple cider. It made my house smell like Christmas. I put a fan in the kitchen and enjoyed my cup 'o Christmas! It was yum!

We're off to gather our Christmas dinner from the local Mexican kitchen. We'll see how big of a dent we make in our 100 tamales! 

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

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