Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Material for the Blog"

I keep thinking that one of these days, I will not have anything to blog about. One of these days, life in Chile will become, "normal". Well, life has become normal for us here - however, there is still no shortage of "material for the blog" as my mom calls it.

Like this little doozy that happened on Monday:

I had all 5 of my seminary kids over for a little movie party to celebrate the ending of finals. I, attempting to be all prepared and independent, ordered our pizza online from Dominos. Yes, I had to call Greg and have him help me navigate my way through the spanish, but I did it. I ordered 4 extra-grande pizzas to arrive at 1700hours. I got a confirmation email and everything.

At 5:45, after I've re-calculated what 1700 hours was about 10 times and am totally certain that it was indeed 5pm, I call Greg and ask him to call Dominos. He does and they tell him that they have "no record" of my order. Great.

Luckily, at about this time, Ron and Melissa Caudle have arrived. These are our good friends, and they came to hang out with us while the kids watched a movie (their son is also in my class) and would drive several of them home afterwards. So Melissa and myself take Ellie (our one girl in the class) to go get more pizza, and call all the parents and tell them we'll need more party time due to the pizza fiasco.

We decide to go to Papa Johns for pizza. It's better pizza. The only reason I had ordered Dominos to begin with was because they are the only pizza joint with online ordering that I've found.

Just after we place our new order for 4 extra grande pizzas, I get a phone call from Andrew. Dominos apparently showed up with all of our pizza and Ron went ahead and paid for them.


Now I have 8 pizzas (well over $120 USD worth) and only need 4. What am I going to do?

***Duh - Duh - Da - Dum!  Ellie to the rescue!***

My adorable, sweet, 14 year old Ellie says, "I'll just cancel the order!" So she goes up to the counter, signals the guy over, who had just barely started to lay out the pizza dough, and proceeds to tell him IN SPANISH that we had an emergency at home and needed to cancel our order.

He gets some info from me and refunds my money. Hands me cash - even though I had paid with my debit card. EASY! Can you believe that?

Ellie is my hero!

We went home, enjoyed our pizza, played some games and had a fun little night chillin' out together. Yep. Never running out of entertaining little happenings for the ole' blogger-ony. Gotta love Chile! It keeps me on my toes :)

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  1. I love this story and post! Yay Ellie! And saving money!