Monday, December 3, 2012

Fancy Pants

There was a church dance Friday night for the high-school aged kids. It was the 'fancy, formal' kind of shin-dig. The theme was black and white and they asked everyone to come dressed to the nines. Suit coat and bow tie was the requirements for the boys. I don't have girls - so I'm not sure what they told them, other than to wear black and white. 

We were worried for 2 reasons; #1: My boys do not have suit coats. We're from Arizona. They're lucky to have a long-sleeved white shirt. It's hot there. Usually, by the end of church, my boys have rolled up their sleeves. So no. We have not invested in suit coats for growing teenage boys. #2: We also do no have bow ties. Not something they usually wear. Surprised? 

We were also not sure how, in an area where there are many, many, extremely low income families, they could even ask for everyone to wear this type of get up. Apparently, they do this every year and everyone pools together everything and allows the kids to have this fancy-pants night of fun. And that is exactly what happened!

Alex decided not to go. He was too tired to go dancing from 8:30pm-1:00am. *Crazy times, right? The dances in the states end no later than like 10:30pm. We're in Chile. The entire country is full of night owls!

So Andrew and Logan went together. Luckily, Logan's dad is in the military - and apparently, bow ties are standard issue dress uniform. He just happened to have 2 on hand. Such handsome boys!

I loved hearing all about it when they got home. Sam, another kid in my seminary class, was (and I quote) "a party animal!" I also heard that all the ladies kept gathering around these three boys and dancing with them. (They didn't play any slow music - just upbeat dance songs). According to one of the chaperones, this didn't sit well with some of the local boys. They kept trying to get the DJ to play something that our boys couldn't dance to. Well - there isn't much that these stud-muffins can't get jiggy with, so there was no stopping them :) 

They had an amazing time! 

Greg and I had our own little fancy-pants night on Saturday. Greg's boss is in town, so the team went out for a delicious Italian dinner. Dessert was presented on a plate with amazing chocolate art. This is chocolate sauce ---- sauce... NOT hard chocolate pieces - sauce! I watched them make it on a cart at the table. I love to experience the different talents of people around the world. 

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  1. FUN!! I wish they did dances like that for the kids here. I guess we do have Mormon Prom . . . anyway, that chocolate art is beautiful. I don't know how people do that kind of stuff. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!