Friday, December 21, 2012

Nido's Adaptive Games

Yesterday our boys volunteered for Nido's 1st ever Adaptive Games. Think Special Olympics on a smaller scale.

Our high school hosted 150 special needs kids for a day of fun activities. The previous day's downpour (which by the way is SO uncommon during the summer here, but a welcomed reprieve to the hot-hot summer without air-conditioning) soaked the field. But that didn't stop them, they moved the entire thing indoors and had an amazing day.

Our first text communication from Andrew was this:

"You forgot that no one can speak english. Logan said you should think before you sign us up for something in a spanish speaking country... ;)"

Logan is our friend from church and one of my seminary students. He signed up with our boys. Apparently, the coordinators were not comfortable pairing our non-spanish speaking boys up with spanish-only speaking students who need constant assistance. For safety reasons.

So they put our kids on shirt duty. They helped get everyone in 'Adaptive Day' shirts for the festivities. Not to long after that, Andrew was paired up with a 10 year old boy that needed less supervision. Apparently they were short a few high school "friends". Andrew can speak spanish pretty well, he's just not overly confident in his abilities.

So he enjoyed the day with his friend going from activity to activity. Alex became a 'floater' and went from station to station helping out with whatever they needed at the time.

What a fun day for our kids! Spanish or no spanish - this was a great way to start of their summer vacation!

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