Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve

The fun started with this bottle. 

It's "sin alcohol". We usually have some Martinelli's on Christmas - and this looked like it fit the bill. 

Let the silliness begin...

Greg popping the cork - and Alex attempting to catch it in his mouth.

Andrew "chugging" 

Greg trying to to use a match to get the cork to suck into the bottle.

After numerous attempts, he determined we needed a wine bottle and not a champagne bottle. 

We ordered lots of yummy Mexican food to pay homage to our Arizonan roots.
We barely made a dent in the 100 tamales - but we threw them in the freezer and are still working at it! 

Some watermelon for my Alex. I think he ate half the melon.

I know I've done well when I get Tweeted. Yeah mom! 

We opened a gift from Aunt Shellie, Uncle Mike and the cousins.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail on Blu-Ray!!! 
Kids: Yippee!!! Mom: yippee....

We watched it together that night.

Scooter understands presents. Santa always brings him a few. 
This is his "Where's mine?" face. Sorry, Scooter - you'll have to wait until morning.

I snuck a peek after Santa left. It looks like it will be a Merry Christmas!

The "tree" is packed full of presents! Andrew & Alex must have been good little boys this year. 

What? Dr. Pepper and Root Beer in Chile? It must be Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night...

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