Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Putting on my Big Girl Pants

Today I am doing it. I am going to get gas all by myself. Just like a big girl...

noventa y cinco
noventa y cinco
noventa y cinco

diez mil (the amount of money I want put in $10.000)
noventa ye cinco (the grade of gas - 95)

These are the words I need to know. I keep saying them over and over. noveta ye cinco. The diez mil is easy. I've decided to ask for only 10 luca rather than the "fill it up" option for three reasons:

#1. It's waaay easier for me to remember

#2. That will keep them from cheating me on the bill (it happens here a lot - especially to the non-english speakers)

#3. Handing them cash is safer than handing them my credit card.

If only we could pump things ourselves. Then it would be easy-breasy.

I've got some change in my purse for tipping the guy - and I think I'll write down the words (I forget them sometimes). I can do it!!!!

I am heading downtown today. Yep. Into the big city. There's a Christmas Ferria ---- nothing like a little shopping to motivate a girl to get things done.

I'm picking up a couple of friends and will finally get to drive on the freeway (I call it the "PayWay" because of the tolls) because I finally have the little beeper thing on my windshield that allows me to be automatically charged as I drive along. It's illegal to drive without that, so I've had to stay off the "PayWays" until now.

So exciting!!!

Wish me luck as I try and locate my friend's house and try to navigate my way to the embassy for my other friend. Greg has set the GPS for me. He said he can't find the exact address, but it should "get me close". That's the thing around here. The addresses and my GPS are not friends. Even with the $500 South American map package...

I'm not that worried about it. I am sure I can do that. However, I thought I could go to the Orthodontist alone last week and that was a disaster. I'll have to share that story another day. I'm not going to ruin my "I can do it" groove!

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  1. FUN!! I want to hear all about it when you get back.