Thursday, August 2, 2012

Anxiety Rearing It's Ugly Head

School started Monday. Things went pretty smoothly. I was shocked actually at how smoothly they went.

Well it's all caught up with them. Sports placements started. Yesterday was a soccer meeting and Andrew was gung-ho to go. Then he realized that they wanted everyone dressed out. At some point in the day he went from "yeah soccer" to "I am going to throw up". I don't know if it was nerves or actual illness... He talked to the coach who told him to just be there Monday as there weren't cuts and it wouldn't be a huge deal if he had to miss. Thanks coach.

Fast forward to today and Alex has swim time trials. They place kids in groups depending on their times. Alex has not ever swam on a team but he is amazing. He glides through the water like a fish and hardly ever comes up for air. He is a very strong swimmer. He also has flat feet, so although he loves soccer and basketball, they don't love him back. Swimming is just the thing for this kid. He just doesn't like to try new things.

Again we started out the morning, "yeah swimming" and I just get a text "it is a 100% no!" The texting started by telling me about the huge load of homework he'll have tonight. Like 30 minutes of just History Studies. I told him I would love to help. "But it will have to be typed!" "I'll type it for you." You get the idea.

I have to be there as a volunteer for the time trials - so he has to be there anyway. We will just see how this one goes.

Holy Drama...

I keep praying for patience and that my kids will have the courage they need to get themselves out there. I have 2 hours to convince my kid to give it his best shot... Wish me luck.

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