Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Asuncion del la Virgen

The Assumption of Mary

Today is a holiday (yes again) here in Chile. Apparently, this is THE year to be in Chile. Here, if a holiday falls on the weekend - too bad. You don't get the following Monday off like you do in the US. But this year, all of the holidays fall during the work/school week. So AWESOME! Lots of days off!!

The kids and Greg are all home today. We talked about doing something fun - but we all just feel like lounging and doing a lot of nothing. They boys and Greg will probably hit the slopes again this weekend. We've had a little bit of rain and they are hoping for some fresh snow.

It is overcast and cold today. The wind is blowing and even though the temperature isn't really low, it feels like it is. The damp air and wind make it feel colder. It doesn't help that the houses here are not sealed up very tight. You can feel the wind blowing in around the front door, and coming through the single-pane sliding glass doors that line the back walls of the house. Brrr!

So it is a sweats and slippers and cocoa kinda day. PERFECT! Lounge and bundle. It's good for the soul every now and again.

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