Monday, August 20, 2012

Tammy Schick: The Translator

We have friendly neighbors, some who try to speak english to us. Others who just great us with a friendly "Hola" and wave when we see them. We've had these cute little girls come to our door selling orange juice. It was like a door-to-door Kool-aid stand. How could we not buy some? I believe those same sweet little girls left this little note under our door yesterday:

It was folded in fourths and had a sticker on the top. So cute and girly! I believe that it is trying to say "Amigos" but we're not sure. Maybe AGNIMOD stands for something - or someone. Maybe it's like a Pokemon... We don't really know, but we like to think it says "Amigo" in phonetic little girl world.

Greg had to speak in church yesterday - in spanish. I think he did a great job (who's to say really - I can't understand him). He went through the talk with me the night before, so I knew what he was talking about. Being the first time he spoke publicly in our ward, he gave a little introduction to our family. He mentioned that I don't speak or understand spanish. He told them that my smiling and nodding does not in any way indicate that I understand. It just means I am trying to be polite and trying to understand.

That is what he had written in english... but I don't know what he said in spanish because that afternoon, I had more people asking me to translate than ever before. WHAT???? NO HABLA!

I did my best. My sweet friend Angela taught our lesson in Relief Society. She's married to a guy from the UK and waiting on her visa to go through so she can move there. So she is VERY eager to learn english, and anticipating being in my shoes very soon. She wrote something on the board and asked me "Tammy, how you say in english?" I don't know... Another partial english speaker said, "like last dinner". "Last Supper?" Cheers around, "ahh si, Last Supper!"... They were so excited that I made the connection. Really - I only expounded upon what the woman who said 'last dinner'. But whatever, they clapped for me ( I LOVE these women!)

Then they were talking about an activity that is coming up. One sweet lady turns to me and asks if I can understand a little spanish - "Muy un poco" was my response. VERY little. She then tells me about the upcoming activity and nods to the other two english speakers seated next to me and wants me to tell them. Pppffff... Please. They both speak better spanish than me.

But whatever. I was not only able to understand what she was telling me, but I was able to share it with someone in english. THIS IS A BIG DEAL PEOPLE! I am understanding more and more every day. Two months ago, I wouldn't have been able to understand her when she asked if I understood spanish. I understand more than I can speak, but understanding is a step in the right direction.

I can't wait to learn more.

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  1. I laughed my head off reading this. -Jamie