Friday, August 31, 2012

Much More Brutal

The game of 'futbol' is much more intense here in Chile. Pretty much anything is legal. Pushing - fine. Pulling - fine. Elbows - fine. They call offsides, hand balls, and out of bounds. Other than an overly deliberate punch to the face, you're pretty much good. This makes me grateful that my son is in the box; Because I tell you what - if one of those kids started manhandling my kid like that - we'd have words...

However, even the keeper isn't safe:

Here we see Andrew as the goal keeper, stopping an oncoming shot by the other team.

Watch this guy in red

There - see that? See how he is using his HANDS and ELBOWS to try and knock the ball out of my son's hands? Yeah, at home - the keeper is protected. You can't make contact like that without a penalty.

See how the guy is now laying on top of my kid? Back off dude.

It doesn't even phase Andrew. He makes the save and rolls with it (literally).

Here he is again - "sacrificing himself for the ball" (Thanks for that little tidbit of advice Uncle Ryan)

We may have lost by 1 goal - but they sure as heck didn't score when Andrew was in the box. That kid was ON FIRE I tell you! ON FIRE!

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