Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Exciting Opportunities for our Kids

There are so many exciting things happening here for our kids.

This is unbelievable. Apparently here in Chile, it is customary for each grade level to take a class trip. It's called "clase de disparo". They go all together at once to a single location. Our school takes this a step further and has smaller groups of students go to a location of their choice. They prepare several options and students list their top 5 choices. They are then placed by seniority (12 graders get first dibs) and then by date of form submission.

The 9 grade students are given 3 "out of Santiago" options to choose from and the 10-12 graders have like 15 options. All are given several options within Santiago where they would meet at the school everyday, go to their location (some classes are even held at the school) and return at the end of the day.

The Week Without Walls is a requirement of all Nido students. There are costs to consider when applying for each trip. Every trip, even the "in Santiago" trips involve some cost for supplies and/or transportation.

We have been very excited for this opportunity from the moment we started researching this school. These trips are unbelievable.

Alex's top choices are:

Rafting on the Maule River
Where students raft and camp down the river all the way to the ocean. It is 5 days of backpacking, camping, learning about the environment and visiting with native tribal people that live along their route. The area is lush forest with sandy beaches. The water flows rapidly, but only rapids at a level 1 to 2. Nothing too scary for moms.

Los Pellines, Volcano Traverse
At the foothills of the volcano complex Nevados de Chillan. Horseback riding, biking, hiking relational skills, cooking, camping, etc. Incredible scenery between the Andes, native forests, bonfires, stories from native people and other exciting events.

The Woodcrafter
Work under carpenter and boat maker Regan McGrath learning fine carpentry and wood crafting skills. You make a coffee table or other type of smaller furniture to take home at the end of the week.

Pro-Cinematography Workshop
Join a crew of professional cinematographers (including make-up artists) for a 6 day workshop. Produce an actual short film by the end of the week.

Rock Climbing
Indoor climbing for 3 days and outdoor climbing for the final 2. At El Canelo to work a high rope course and El Manzano for "graduation".

Andrew's top choices are:

Galapogos, Naturalist Expedition
Last year they were diving with small sharks and sea turtles in addition to all of the unbelievable wildlife and landscapes.

Amazon Jungle
Visiting scientific stations, practice cervantana (blowgun) shooting with the Uagua indians, fish for piranhas and learn to call the river dolphins. They will live in the middle of the jungle, play with local children, help with research and volunteer at the local school. (yes, additional shots are required to be in the Amazon Jungle)

Eco-Surf Camp
Learning the fundamentals of surfing and understand the lifestyle of the people that live near the ocean. Passes through Maitencillo, Salinas de Pullally and Pichilemu.

Patagoinia, untamed rivers and icefields
Enter the magic of the Ice Fields through the Soler Valley. 8-days traveling on foot, by rafts, boats and over ice of the Nef Glacier.

Easter Island Culture & History
Hike, bike, camp, and swim with sea turtles. Eat sing, and dance Rapa Nui style.

Cochamo Trek and Kayak
Cochamo and Puelo Valley. Hike into Cochamo Valley for 3 days, using horses/oxen to carry your gear, crossing 3,000 year old forests, cross crystal clear rivers, ride natural water slides and waterfalls. Sea kayak 3 of the lakes and paddle to big waterfalls. Share with settlers and sleep next to their houses.

The kids can only choose 5 and only get to go to 1. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE? Really you can't go wrong with any of these options. If only parents could chaperone....

Trips range in price from $100USD to $2,000+USD, not counting the supplies that you may need to buy to prepare yourself for the trip. But really, the experiences are priceless.

The trips will be the end of October. The kids will know what trip they are going on by the first of next month. So exciting!!! Greg and I have decided to plan a trip for ourselves that week too. We don't want to be left out!

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