Thursday, August 16, 2012


We ended up heading out yesterday to check out a fun mall not far from here. It is HUGE - but not even close to being the biggest around. We invited the kids - but of course, they declined. So Greg and I headed out.

I was waiting - coat on - in the front hallway while Greg prgramed the GPS and the camera was right there, so we took some pictures.

I will really miss my scarves when we go back home. There is never a need for scarves in Arizona.

Anyway, Greg and I had a great evening checking out all the holiday sales and familiar stores. We had sushi for dinner and came across this little beauty in the food court:

I sent that photo to the kids and got this response:


Yeah. They're just a little stoked about Taco Bell. They also had a Subway, Kentucky Fried Chicken and something that VERY closely resembled a Panda Express. We figure we could just take the kids there, hand them each 10.000 pesos and let them go at it. It might be as much fun for them as Disneyland...

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  1. I bet they will be coming to the mall with you next time...and just hanging out at the food court! :-) Nothing like the fast food comforts of home.