Friday, August 3, 2012

Drugs & School

You know that pile of papers that comes home at the start of every school year? That has to be filled out in pen and signed by parents and students. There are technology and behavior agreements, medical forms and so on.

Well at our new school, we filled out most of these forms during pre-enrollment. The number of pages we signed makes that stack at the public school in Arizona look meager at best. Yesterday there were a couple of minimal forms left to fill out and send back in.

The one that worried me just a little was the medical form. Essentially I signed paperwork allowing the nurses to administer medication to my kids that I have never heard of. In the US you sign for ibuprofen and that is your only option. Here they have things for stomach ache, cramps, diarrhea, etc. etc. All of the medication listed is foreign to me. They could be giving me the technical term for street crack, and I wouldn't know it. {Surely not, right? Right?}

They will send home a note indicating that my child has received such and such if it were to happen. Maybe that will help me understand what medication I can use here. We're still using the stash we brought from home.

Here's to hoping that those nurses know what they're doing. . .


  1. I feel like that was new this year -- I don't remember agreeing to the drugs last time! But I said absolutely not on the drugs for menstrual cramps ;)

    I'm actually kind of glad they'll give a headachy kid a tylenol or an ibuprofin (that's basically what it is) instead of making me come get them in the middle of the day! I don't think I've ever had this option in the US.

    1. I said "no" to the menstrual cramp meds too! I figured if my boys are having menstrual cramps - they should probably let ME know that... :)