Thursday, August 2, 2012

He loved it!

After the drama via text messaging and again in person, he finally got in the water and all his fears melted away. Breaststroke and freestyle down today, backstroke and butterfly tomorrow. Results will come via email sometime this weekend.

They expected 80 swimmers to come out and they had 120. Competition is stiff, but Alex was hanging in there with competitive times. It will be fun to see if he places well enough to make a team. If not, soccer starts next week.

Sometimes being a mom is tough. You have to find that balance between pushing them out of their comfort zone enough to find things they enjoy, and pushing them too hard. I am usually a little more confident in my ability to judge their limits, but with all the new being thrown at them right now, I am not sure where their limits are.

Thank goodness I made the right call today.

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