Monday, August 6, 2012

Catching Up in Pictures

There are soooo many things happening around these parts, that I find that some things slip through the cracks of this little blog. Things that I want to share, but maybe get out-shined by something like a broken oven.

We have had so many amazing experiences already. Here are a few photos to keep things up to date:

We enjoyed this amazing cultural event put on by our community of Lo Barnechea. Our church building hosted one night of the concert. This full orchestra was amazing. The conductor was so very animated, which I LOVE! I couldn't understand a word he said, but I loved the fact that he was doing more than just performing, he was explaining the purpose and reason behind each movement. He was so much fun to watch!

The boys were tasked with helping to park cars, which here in Chile is a common thing. They directed cars to open areas and helped them fit into the tight spots. Anytime you have someone helping you park around here, you tip them. They were eager to see if they would be 'tipped' at the end. But alas - no pesos came their way.

My boys are so very silly. They make me laugh every single day. They have made this whole experience worth it. Their attitudes are amazing and their determination is inspiring. Just like this - getting every last drop out of those precious US soda cans.

Notice Andrew's "PHOTO BOMB" above :)

Money Honey:
We're still figuring out the whole money thing. Really, it's hard to take money seriously when it looks like it belongs in a box of Monopoly.

All different colors and sizes. Clear windows with holographic looking photos in them. Lots and lots of zeros.

The coins are the worst. There are two that look completely different but are exactly the same (the new 100 and the old 100).

I'm learning what to tip whom. For example, for only a few groceries, you'd tip the bagger at the store 500 pesos. For the guy watching your car at a restaurant, maybe a couple hundred. I think. My Chilean friends may need to give me a cheat sheet.

You can also tip the street performers at every stop light in the evenings. There are guys that juggle fire, dance with those zero gravity ball things. I think they are call fushigi? All kinds of entertainment on the streets. You can also buy fruit, candy, flowers, umbrellas, cell phone charges, bubble blowing guns. Yep, sit at any main stop light and you can be entertained and shop to your hearts content. No need to leave your car!

I'll have to get some pictures of that. This place is so very interesting!

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