Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some Observations

Some random observations while driving in this country:

- The lines on the roads are only suggestions

- If you are driving on a 2-lane road, and someone behind you thinks you are going to slow, they will pass you. IF they can not get around you safely -keep in mind our idea of safe is NOT the same as their idea of safe- on the outside (using the lane for oncoming traffic) they will use the sidewalk

- If you are at a bus stop, you must still flag down the bus or it will drive right past you

- If you are at a bus stop, and are tired of waiting for said bus, just stick out your thumb and a passing motorist may stop and pick you up

- Driving in the left lane on a 4-lane road is best. The carbinaros (police) often do random pullovers and they will pull from the right lane

- Carbinaros drive with their lights flashing always - don't be alarmed when one is behind you

- Carbinaros will often honk their horn at friends on the street - so if one is behind you with lights flashing, and they honk - you may still be in the clear

- It is assumed that you will pull to one side of your lane so that faster motorists can zip around you at the stop lights. Otherwise, they'll honk incessantly

- When in stopping to wait to turn left, cars will use the sidewalk to pass you without as much as slowing down

- If someone is waiting for a car to back out or pull in, actually being a courteous driver, the cars backed up behind said car will lay on their horn until everyone gets moving again. Apparently that will make everyone go faster

Fortunately, I have only had to observe these driving antics and not had to be a part of them (yet).

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