Monday, July 23, 2012

A Roller-Coaster Ride to the Olympics

A roller-coaster rolls you around, flips you upside down, jerks you back and forth, and makes you scream out of sheer terror. Then it stops and you laugh and climb right back on. The same as life...

Friday brought a flooding of emotion. Frustration. Fear. Anger. Defeat. But as quickly as it came, it passed. Saturday was a bright new day.

School orientation for new students starts next week, and the kids were in dire need of haircuts (Greg, too really). So we ventured down to this cute little place within walking distance of our home. They got all three of my guys in right away and while I waited, I had them do my nails. The gal did an amazing job on the boys. I'll be honest, this was a concern of mine. Greg & Alex have such straight hair that you can often see the cut lines. Andrew's hair is so curly that people don't even know where to begin. This lady nailed all three - AND SHE SPOKE ENGLISH! *WHEW* Such a relief! One obstacle out of the way.

The boys had a stake youth activity at church; "THE OLYMPICS". They had an amazing time. I got periodic texts about the fun they were having. They couldn't stop talking about it when they got home.

Alex was amazed at how well most of these kids play ping-pong. "People say soccer is the national sport in Chile, but I think it's ping-pong." Apparently they were all really good and quite competitive.

Andrew won a gold medal for his puzzle work. They asked for 1 volunteer to complete a puzzle from each team. His team pushed him out in the front as they thought it would be some kind of a mental puzzle. It was actually a puzzle-puzzle. So he sat for the allotted amount of time and put together the puzzle. Apparently he had the biggest piece completed in the end. Thus, the gold medal for puzzle-ing. (Who knew that was an Olympic sport?)

They played soccer, volleyball, basketball, ate treats... They had a blast. Andrew said the girls were actually whistling at him. Well, I guess that's one way to communicate with a boy if you can't speak the same language.

They both had a great time. Saturday was a good day! Good thing I got back on that roller-coaster ride. I would have hated to miss out on all the fun.

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