Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bringing "Redneck" to Chile for the 4th!

They say a photo is worth 1,000 words, so here it is: Redneck in Chile...

Greg would die! Being NOT a redneck and all. You have to know the whole story.

I had my heart set on grilling burgers, and the missionaries that we were feeding had their hearts set on eating those grilled burgers. The day started out a little dismal, with the temperature at 1.4 degrees celsius,

But I would not be defeated. It was a clear day - so we didn't think pollution warnings would stop us. Honestly, we decided not to even check. We opted for the whole, "Do now ask for forgiveness later" train of thought.

I wanted Andrew to start the grill around 4pm. At 3:55 - it began to hail. YES HAIL! Dang it! It subsided and turned to a light rain at about 4:15, so we forged ahead.

The charcoal is the old school type with random sized chunks and not uniform briquettes. The lighter fluid is the texture of hair gel, but Andrew got it going. When the rain started picking up. He and I moved the pool umbrella over the coals. [enter our redneck upbringing]


Greg eventually came home from work and finished up in the freezing weather. I had the house decorated the best I could with what I could find.

The tacky blue plastic forks actually helped me tie in the whole red, white and blue theme.

The missionaries arrived and devoured our little treats almost instantaneously.

In the crazy that began once these amazing 5 20-somethings arrived in our house with excitement and a combination of english and spanish, I didn't get one single photo. But dinner was delish and the company was even better. I love these missionaries. 19 year olds that will take 2 years out of their lives to serve the Lord are always a pleasure to be around. They eat and breathe service and that spirit is something that is unmatched. It was great to share our holiday with them. They gave my boys some great advice and encouragement. It was truly a special night.

Plus the burgers tasted just like home!

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