Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Placing a call in Chile

I've mentioned before about how I've taken for granted that the whole world works the same way. I've assumed incorrectly about lots of things; banking, real-estate, etc. I've also assumed wrong about telephones.

In Chile, you have phone numbers. Phone numbers for land lines have 7 numbers, like they do in the US. Phone numbers for cell phones have 8 numbers. Nobody has area codes. Not so bad - but there's a catch:

If you call mobile to mobile, just dial the phone number - or for some silly reason you wanted to make it more complicated, you could dial +569+ then the phone number.

***NOTE: To dial the + sign, you press and hold the zero. Who knew?

If you call land to land, again just dial the number

Here's where it gets complicated:

If you dial land to mobile, you must dial 09+ the number.

If you dial mobile to land, you can either dial +562+ phone number or 02+ phone number.

I think...

It is all so confusing! Good thing I don't have any friends yet. I wouldn't be able to call them!

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