Monday, July 9, 2012


I'll spare you photos on this one...

I needed some eye cream. I guess I've left mine at home. While at the grocery store, the one that resembles a Walmart, I picked some up. Most of the options listed caffeine as the star ingredient. Apparently it helps with dark circles/puffiness. I don't really have those issues, just starting to get a few little lines that I want to keep at bay. I decided to go with a brand I recognized, Garnier. Seemed harmless enough.

Yesterday morning, before church I dabbed just a tiny bit under my eyes, then applied my regular face lotion. Within a few minutes, I noticed that my checks and forehead were a little flush. I thought maybe it was too steamy in my bathroom. I also thought that I may have caught the strep that Alex had. His tell-tell was the flush/rash on his upper torso, shoulders and neck. Great.

Whatever. Luckily I had also bought a small concealer stick (I don't use foundation). So I dabbed that concealer on my flushed forehead and cheeks and finished getting ready. No big.

Fast forward to this morning. I went to put on the eye cream again and a little more squirted out of the tube than I had intended, but whatever, I'll just rub it all around my eyes (I'm not wasting $25 lotion). HUGE mistake. After applying the eye cream, I put on my face lotion. Within seconds my face is on fire and it looks like I've stuck it in a boiling pot of water. OUCH!!! Now it itches so badly I could scream.

I am now google translating the ingredients so that I know NOT to get anything like that again...Stupid eye cream.

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  1. No pictures for this post? C'mon, Tammy! I just got home from an 11 day trip to Colorado with my kids and I'm having so much fun catching up with all your adventures!