Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chili Cheese Dogs (sort of)

Dinner last night. Yes, I know. I take photos of everything. But come on - you've got to see this. That 'hotdog' is as big as my dinner plate. If we had gone a little more authentic, it would have had mayo and sauerkraut, but I didn't go there. Not yet. The chips are BBQ. Look closer. They're yellow corn tortilla chips. So they do have a little bit of BBQ seasoning on them... a little bit. Close but not the same.

We're feeding the missionaries again tonight. I think we'll go with taco salad and brownie sundaes. The oven will work well enough to make brownies. The brownies are from a mix at this point as I have not found any cocoa powder, but we make them at least once a week. I also found some Hershey's chocolate syrup! We tried another brand and it was not the flavor we were used to. Discovering Hershey's was a pleasant surprise.

GOOD NEWS: Someone is coming out to fix my oven. So I may be cooking soon! Cross your fingers for me :)

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